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Power Generation from
Datacenter Waste Heat

Spar's INDUCED FLOW GENERATOR Technology is a breakthrough machine for generating electric power from datacenter waste heat.


The Induced Flow Generator (IFG) technology is a breakthrough device which generates electric power on-site from the heated air expelled by servers in datacenters. The technology works directly with the heated air released from the datacenter hot aisle to generate power which can be fed back to the datacenter or sold on the local grid. 

The patented device exhibits exceptional performance capabilities and phenomenal financial parameters. 

  • Capital cost less than $500/kW

  • Levelized cost of electricity less than $15/MWh

  • Power generation cut-in temperature as low as 10F above ambient

  • Generator units from 100kW to 1MW

  • Ideal for Small, Medium and Edge Datacenters

  • Transformative economics for cryptocurrency mining farms

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Transform Crypto Mining Profitability

Cryptocurrency mining profits are supersensitive to electricity costs and cooling expenses. The Spar IFG system can solve both problems. By taking the heat generated by mining equipment and generating power from it, while also cooling this hot air, the IFG system transforms the operations of cryptocurrency miners. 

  • Reduce electricity costs by 50% and more by generating power from miner exhaust heat

  • Reduce cooling costs dramatically by recirculating de-energized air cooled by the IFG system 

  • Make older, low efficiency miners profitable again

  • Increase profitability of operations dramatically

  • Increase life of equipment  

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